I should be embarrassed of the things I cherish
And the things that I dismiss as meaningless
It’s why I froze where I stood
It’s when I’m needed, I’m no good
It’s why I flourish in all things frivolous

Now it’s time to let me go
You make yourself indispensable
Keep it all locked up inside
Keep quiet, make up your mind
And I fear it’s just your way
You argue like an architect
Plans unroll before my eyes
So perfect, so refined

Before the orchard went to seed
Harvest began in secrecy
You think I’d let it go to the worms
And put nothing aside for myself?

Now it’s time to let me go
Your argument is an obelisk
Impenetrable, it shines
So perfect, so refined
And I fear it’s just your way
You make yourself into someone else
And change right back overnight
Washed clean by the morning light
So perfect, so refined

Simple perspective can make a mountain appear
More still and silent than the things we’re near
We rush in circles around the same spinning sphere
Locked in a battle with time

We’re the trampled flowers along your warpath
The wasted hours spent looking at the maps

As our fingers intertwine
We start the end in motion
Your kiss, the kiss of death
The suffering on your breath
And I fear it’s just your way
To coax us toward oblivion
Lead us straight through the night
Into everlasting light
So perfect, so refined

from ‘Keep Dreaming’ 2013

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@ the new trust 2013