Absence Makes the Heart Go Wander

Invisible ropes which bind our ghosts
Weaken with distance, with time
I feel the tension slack when we’re holding hearts
I feel them tug when we are kept apart

This gedanken├╝bertragung we’ve been practicing for so long
Whose projection was once so strong
Is the signal finally fading?

All this time we’ve spent traversing air, land and sea
Should, in theory bring you that much closer to me
But these years propose a different hypothesis:
Absence makes the heart go wander

I should have seen this coming
I should have known
That we’d grow tired of being left alone

But if you stand and stare across the sea
It’s like you’re standing right next to me
You’ll hear my whispers carry on the breeze
As you close your eyes to sleep
Its like you’re lying right next to me
You’ll feel my kisses as if in a dream


from ‘Dark is the Path Which Lies Before Us’ 2007

@ the new trust 2013