Get Vulnerable

You know, this really isn’t me at all
I’m following a trail of clothes down the hall
And the urge to step into your room was uncontrollable

Come on and wipe my weary eyes
I couldn’t keep back the tears if i tried
I was panicked when I woke, but now I’m inconsolable
Let’s get vulnerable

That girl is so much trouble
She made me get vulnerable
That boy is so much trouble
He made me get vulnerable

Her eyes caress me from within
His breath pours down my skin
Chocolate, cigarettes and wine
Combined, the sweetest poison

Better judgement is swayed
The lines blur and fade
Naked and wanting, hungry and afraid
Soaked to the sinew, cut to the bone
Millions of lovers, each one all alone


from ‘Get Vulnerable’ 2008 / ‘Battle to the Death’ 2011

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