The Life of the Infidel Comes Crashing Down

I know how this goes
My mouth is closed
A secret buried beneath crypts of shame
The life of the infidel comes crashing down

One step closer to death
You feel my breath on the back of your neck
Hands up your shirt
And though this definitely means my life
I will not stop
I cannot stop

The song of the siren
When played over the radio
Sends cars full of sailors
Driving right off the roads
With one shining body
That made everybody blind

I know how this goes
My eyes are closed
Our engines idle as our lips touch
I know it’s wrong
But I can’t stay strong
“We don’t have to take our clothes off
To have a good time”
But it sure helps
The life of the infidel comes crashing down

A once ancient song of love
Stands aside to unveil
Bitter and black betrayal
Now after all this time
I need for you to see
Sara Sanger you’ve sang
My one true siren’s song
You saved my life


from ‘Dark is the Path Which Lies Before Us’ 2007

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