Make Me Deaf

There’s no keeping track of each pretty face
Each black hair stuck in place
A trifling cycle we’ve seen a thousand times
The same constraints and borderlines

So make me deaf
For I dread the latest epithet
Who could ever ever guess the depths of your depravity
The cycles of your morality?

And who can blame them now?
Watching all of their friends get in line
To sip from the gravy train

And make me deaf
For I’ve read the latest epitaph
Who could ever ever guess the depths of our depravity
The cycles of our morality?

And what’s the real sentiment
Behind all this highly publicized subversion?
When the idols of my time when given the chance
Every one wrapped their mouth around that hook
And begged to be taken away
And they should know better than us that
There’s nothing punk rock about money
And if they say different, they’re a fucking liar

And who can blame them?
Frankly, I think I can blame them
For the way they stood down like cowards
Abandoned their posts
While we fell, mowed down

Do you sway to the sound of the music
Or is there some influence which calculates how you move?
Is there a fire that’s burning inside of you
Or does your voice flow through icy pipes?

Now the world is listening
I’m sick to death of all of these hollow screams
Now the world is listening
Don’t waste your breath
What will you sing about?
Now the world is listening


from ‘Get Vulnerable’ 2008

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