Song For Ben Henning

I have a confession to make
And it’s not something I’m very proud of
Actually, that’s a lie – I’m a little bit proud
Here goes…

On the night of The Phoenix
When you found that your weapon was gone
Surely left at the last battle
I lent you mine so the show would go on

But now, finally, the truth
It was I who had stole it away
To the highest rafters of The Matrix
It sat untouched there for hundreds of days

Neither Goepel nor Izen
Played a part in this treacherous ruse
But it was their deepest wishes
You’d find an axe more befitting of you

Something ballsy and classic
Like the weapon you’re wielding today
But the bottom line is this:
I lied to you, I stole from you and I’m sorry


from ‘Get Vulnerable’ 2008

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