The Suffering Of Fools

Once again, I’ve trusted in one much stronger than myself
And sadly been left proven wrong, confused and mad as hell
A drunken drive, a wander round these once familiar streets
Doubtful whether after all these years I’ve yet to meet
One much stronger than myself

The company of wolves has left me tired and old
For the suffering of fools we will unbreak my mold

There’d be one who drives us around
One who plays the piano and sings with us
There’ll be one advancing the shows
One who’s posted at the doorway taking money
Letting everybody know there’s no ins and outs
One in school studying entertainment law
While the rest are requesting songs
Cheering us on…

But if I were bestowed such gifts
I’m not confident that I could be trusted with them
Right now, as it stands with just me
I can hardly keep my hands off myself, honestly
And it’s not just sex, across the board
We’re as incorrigible as it gets
With enough of us stacked on high
We’d voltron into an unstoppable party machine
Tearing it up, down and apart
Wreaking havoc as we break your heart

There’d be one who steals your drinks
One who nods and pretends that he’s listening
While his eyes roam round your dress
Countless others adding fuel to every fire
One who’s waiting in the wings if one should collapse
One in school studying entertainment law
While the rest are screaming out songs
Cheering us on…


from ‘Get Vulnerable’ 2008

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