To Hell, Via Jail

By Roman Numeral XXX
The best of me was gotten, forgotten
My Amplified Heart, Disintegration, Century Flower
Was not nearly penned
More difficult done than said
I’ve made no difference

“You’re only as young as you feel”
Such a desperate appeal
But you know it was exactly what I wanted to hear
Because you make me feel so young
So attractive, free and fun
And your kisses somehow burn away the years
And you’re not in control

Things are about to get ugly…

Because the company I keep
More often wolves and seldom sheep
As you approach, you’ll hear the howling from the den
And if you don a wild mask
But house the faint heart of a lamb
You’re bound to find your carcass drying in the wind
And it’s no one’s fault
And it’s natural
That the wild always overtake the weak
But you’re not in control


from ‘Get Vulnerable’ 2008 / ‘Battle to the Death’ 2011

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