When the Dead Start Rising

We are retarded, I mean the way we act
The way we’re talking shit
As soon as the other one turns their back

Why be opponents, When we should be so much more?
You just surround yourself with sycophantic, blithering bores

You need to be near people that you can trust
Forget all those liars, you should know that you can come to us
Because I know this climate is soon gonna change

And the sun will rise on an army of gray, slack faces
And all the places we used to enjoy before
Will never be safe again

When the dead start rising
We’ll need all the friends that we can get

Come to the Forty and meet some like-minded friends of mine
That’s Jerry Ilkenhons, that’s Jaypee, that’s Kerri Valentine
We’ve got machetes and much much more in the van
And we’re set to roll off these city streets as soon as we can

And up to the mountains, where the water is fresh
With imported cigarettes
Because I know you hate to settle for less
We’ll drown out the groaning of the undead below

And I believe we were meant for a higher purpose
To someday surface as modern Adams and Eves

When the dead start rising
We’ll be warriors one and all
And like the fate of warriors
We will watch each other fall
And when we too start rising,
We’ll have to act right there and then
When the dead start rising
We’ll need all the friends that we can get


from ‘Dark is the Path Which Lies Before Us’ 2007

@ the new trust 2013