Sun, come bleach my guilty bones
For times when I’d ignore the phone
Thinking on the thousand miles he crossed to see me

I’m not the son I used to be
I start to see red, literally
I can’t explain
It’s been this way since I got home

I knew a serviceman who leapt from planes
He was a grandfather with a child’s heart
When he returned, he suffered constant pain
And had to medicate before his day could start
‘Til at the end, when he took all his pills at once
And he chased them down with alcohol
Some would say he finally stopped the pain
But I would argue that he left it to us all

Dani B, ear to the soldiers’ trauma
As contagious as anything science has seen
The men they’ve been
The place men seldom return from
By men, I mean 22 year old boys

A tumbler sails across the room
And shatters, nearly killing you
“What the fuck? Didn’t you ever see The Grifters?”
I’m not the man I used to be
Something changed in me


from ‘Keep Dreaming’ 2013

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@ the new trust 2013