Wild twitching of feral feet
Of drummers and dogs asleep
Records so rare, they’re released only inside our heads
To disappear once we wake
Melodies dissipate
Leaving behind an aching, secret, distant song

Knowingly setting the stage every time we go under
Witness to limitless plays of never-ending wonder

Keep dreaming
What answers lie in dreams
When undressed and unravelled?
What landscapes?
What foreign sky?
What countries untouched and untravelled

Love, close your eyes
Let this world fall away
Where all secret loves, secret lives
They are real

And for those who live in dreams
When we’re walking all is silent
And we’ll turn the music off
On the longest stretch of tarmac
And we produce within our means
Making magic out of nothing
We can’t wait to get to sleep


from ‘Keep Dreaming’ 2013

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@ the new trust 2013