Has paradise not room enough?
What do you run off chasing after
Forsaking family, friends and laughter?

Are my blue eyes not bright enough
To keep you standing at my fire?
You say I’m all you want, but you’re a liar

I see her, how she invites
The stares you share
She’s got you in her sights
And you’ll fall prey, hypnotized
Succumb to her ways as I said you would

And every moment spent away from me
Has been destructive to your memory, truthfully
Your hand turns feathers to obsidian
And draws back, bloodied, from the aviary

Well I’ll make it easy – there’s no choice to make
I’d rather you don’t choose
Because I know who will lose
Talking is torture and feelings are trite
I’m waiting for word from you alone every night

So we shout it aloud from the mountain
Broke your hold and rolled through the fountain
My secret’s safe if you have no memory left
Brought our sorrows here just to drown them

Vidi volo, lobo loco

from ‘Keep Dreaming’ 2013

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@ the new trust 2013