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Five unreleased songs and five stripped down TNT classics make up the first half of this collection, followed by unique interpretations
of New Trust songs by Odd Bird, Trebuchet, Hanalei, The Bunker, Battle Of Hastings (Matthew Izen), Santiago, Themes & Judah Nagler of The Velvet Teen.


Track Listing:
o1. Battle To The Death
o2. Evolve Into Nothing
o3. Do Not Fear The Darkness
o4. Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander
o5. Breathe Underwater
o6. To Hell, Via Jail
o7. Breakfast At The Moose Lodge
o8. This Invitation Has Meant The World ToMe
o9. Supercharged
10. The Taking Tree

11. Fast Asleep In Her Arms
Performed by Oddbird
12. Wretched And Unwanted
Performed by Trebuchet
13. You’ve Got To Be Fucking Shitting Me
Performed by Hanalei
14. Holy Wars
Performed by The Bunker
15. Chill The Fuck Out
Performed by Battle Of Hastings
16. When The Bombs Go Off
Performed by Santiago
17. The Body And The Brain
Performed by Themes
18. Get Vulnerable
Performed by Judah Nagler


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@ the new trust 2013