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Available as digital, compact disc or 4 7″ special edition box set.

The second album by The New Trust is not only twice as long as the first, but also twice as diverse. 13 songs make up this collection of angular punk anthems about religion, sex, infidelity, zombies, love, and drinking.


Track Listing:
o1. A Spoiled Surprise, A Cheap Reveal
o2. The Life Of The Infidel Comes Crashing Down
o3. Absence Makes The Heart Go Wander
o4. The Lost Language
o5. Evolve Into Nothing
o6. There’s Been A Terrible Accident
o7. Holy Wars
o8. Chill The Fuck Out
o9. Wake Up, It’s The Nineties
10. This Person Is A Palindrome
11. When The Dead Start Rising
12. The Body And The Brain
13. You’ve Got To Be Fucking Shitting Me

14. (bonus track vinyl box set only) Those Incessant Bells


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