“Upset the Tides” out on December 8, 2017, on special edition vinyl, compact disc, cassette and download.

Green or Black Vinyl with download available:

1.  Depressonator
2.  Linecaster
3.  Heartbeater
4.  Birdsong
5.  Honeymoon
6.  Orbiting
7.  Pattern Pushers
8.  Between Worlds
9.  Gunmelter
10. Wildfire


Josh Staples (of The Velvet Teen), Sara Sanger & Julia Lancer formed The New Trust in early 2003, first as a vehicle for a handful of short, upbeat & dark, punk-tinged-pop-songs penned by Staples, but over the years have evolved TNT into a true collaborative vision of the three. Darker, starker, and more quixotic than ever, The New Trust’s sixth album, “Upset The Tides” emerged from writing retreats to Lancer’s new home in Michigan, where the band would focus on completing a few songs at a time, perform them throughout the Midwest, and then return to Northern California to perform & record with friend and engineer, Jack Shirley (Comadre, Loma Prieta, Joyce Manor). The new album is reminiscent of the band’s beginnings – with ten songs in just around 30 minutes – but stylistically more lush and thoughtful, with recurring melodies and themes abound, surely reflecting the directions in which the group has grown in regards to both both their art and lives.


Release December 8, 2017

Josh Staples – Voice / Bass Guitar

Sara Sanger – Guitar / Voice

Julia Lancer – Drums

with Linda Amari – Cello

Music by The New Trust / Words by Josh Staples

Recorded over six days between June 2016 & August 2017 by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, California.

Cello recorded by Paul Haile at Greenhouse Recording in Petaluma, California.

Mixed & Mastered by Jack Shirley.

Design by Josh & Sara / Photo by Sara / Catering by Julia.


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